Garden Steaks Catering is the beginning a new  journey through life shared by 3 friends that began so long ago, that none of us could have predicted this is where we’d end up. We all met at our first job, a local catering company out of Clifton NJ. We all lived relatively closed to the place but never met until we were handed an apron.  We shared so many great memories wearing those aprons, we learned so many lessons, and worked hard each day. Yet none of us realized that each day we spent scrubbing a grill, serving doughnuts, or grilling 100 pounds of steak, was a day that resounded so strongly with us that it sculpted the path that led to Garden Steaks.

Your first job only last so long but the lessons learned from it stick and often lead you to make certain choices that pave your future. Alexandra Sartoga went on to pursue a career in food industry. She graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and has worked for some really big names in the industry, including Oceana for some time and even working for the corporate offices of Bank of America. She knows what you want before you do, and all she needs to do is speak to you. Michael Bracke went on to own a few business of his own. Some in the food industry others in different ventures however he stayed close to home and has been quite successful. Amalio Barreto went on to work in the public sector and knows that good food is the key to a profitable fund raiser

The culmination of absolute culinary brilliance, smart business owning, and an estitue eye for what will draw in a large crowd, gives you Garden Steaks. A full service catering company that will go above and beyond the conventional means of catering to assure we stand apart from the rest.